In 2017, after 36 years together we resigned from our jobs with the aim of travelling more.  We  were over being limited to four weeks of holiday a year to do the travel we wanted to do.  You can make more money, but you can't make more time.  

Having grown up in Manchester in the north of England winter was never our favourite season.  When we took holidays we always travelled south to the Mediterranean and to the sun.  

We had lived in London for 12 years when an opportunity arose to move to Sydney which we took.  The climate was certainly better than the UK, but Sydney winters can still seem cold.  The central heating that is everywhere in the UK is rare in Sydney which can make winter seem much colder than it actually is. 

We then decided that we would really like to spend as much time around summer as possible,  meaning we would have to travel to the summer, hence a nomadic summer lifestyle.

We plan to travel using AirBnB and pet sittings websites for our accommodation needs.  We prefer this type of accommodation to hotels as it gives us access to the things we that need such as a kitchen and laundry. 

It also gives us the chance to meet the hosts and chat with them for their local knowledge and tips, we do like a chat.  This enables us to live like a local and not a tourist so as to experience the location at its best. 

It will be interesting to see how long we last on this journey.  Will we feel the need to ever settle down in one place again?  Will we find a new place that we would like to put down our roots again?

Join our travels through our blog.


Ian Gledhill and Lloyd Pickering

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