And Ted makes 6

And Ted makes 6

Our second pet sit is in the beautiful Cumbalum countryside in northern NSW. It’s surrounded by rolling hills and is a fifteen minute drive to a stunning coastline.


Our pet sitting duties have quadrupled from our first pet sit where we looked after Lucy, here we are looking after two dogs and two cats. Suddenly there are six of us living together!

Each morning we are woken with the first meow at 5.45 a.m. provided by Gracie the cat. This is followed by the daily “get the bloody cat” chase performed by the Cavoodles Benson and Ted as they run after her along the hallway.

The four pets are all so cute and have their own personalities, they have all made this pet sit an absolute delight.

Meet The Crew

Name: Benson - Occupation: Head of security (he’s the perfect build) - Hobbies: chasing the cats and playing ball.


Name: Ted - Occupation: Night watchman (never caught sleeping on the job - except whilst watching TV) - Distinguishing features: Huge eyes and ridiculously long eyelashes and a big smile.


Name: Gracie - Occupation: Chief Operating Officer, top cat and general household boss.


Name: Della - Occupation: Lady of leisure - Hobbies: chillaxing in a comfortable chair. She is also very chatty and excels in announcing that she has hunger pains.


A few words from Ted

I’m Ted, the one on the left here, and the half brother of Benson, on the right. As you can see, people find it hard to tell us apart as we are so similar. Some people even think we are twins, but there’s an obvious difference, I’m two years old and Benson is five.


Our new pet sitters like to take us out to cafes and bars. We love hanging around with them and sharing cat jokes. Here’s us laughing at one of our favourites. “What is it called when a cat wins a dog show? A Cat-has-trophy!” Cracks us up every time.


With our new sitters our pack has grown from two to four and we do everything together, it’s all for one and one for all. We are on the look out for each other at all times.


After a full day of walking, running and chasing the ball it’s always nice to get home and relax as a group in front of the TV together. As you can see, these guys really know how to pick what to watch.


A few words from Benson

I really like a car journey but it’s not fair that I can’t sit in the front seat, I’m told that I’m too small. I believe that this could be solved quickly and easily with a booster seat.


The same booster seat could then be taken to the bar to help to make me feel much more part of the group and to enable me to reach my own drink.


Having said that, these guys are great at giving us a lift up.

There’s some great walkways nearby, although Ted often stops completely and refuses to go any further, even after a short distance. Chasing a ball is more his thing. However, he did lead us to The Belle General, a very nice coffee shop on the walk, he’d obviously been before and knew the route.

Life’s a stretch

Gracies holds a daily stretch class in a dog free zone. One of her favourite poses is downward cat.

This is followed by a little hip opener, lift two, three, four and hold two, three, four.


Della, on the other hand, has discovered the meaning of life, she says she can sum it up in three words. Eat, sleep, repeat.


Living in Cumbalum

This is an area of the Byron Hinterland that we have not previously visited. One of the things we are loving about pet siting is discovering new areas of Oz. It’s close to Ballina, Byron Bay, Bangalow and other local villages, all places that we love to visit.


We’ve been woken in the mornings (with the 5.45 a.m. meow!) to mists that fill the valley, as these clear they reveal rolling hills with macadamia farms in the distance, it’s a stunning place.


Part of the pet sitting process that we are going through is to find where we would eventually like to settle in Oz. We have really had our eyes opened on this pet sit discovering a couple of new areas that we had not previously experienced or considered. Living in an area for an extended time really gives you the opportunity to live like a local and to see what an area has to offer.


As one of the food baskets of Australia the region attracts local and international chefs and has almost daily growers markets. There are numerous annual cultural festivals and events held here, plus a large health and wellbeing community including some really good yoga studios. Our favourite is Yogalates in Bangalow (Bec’s Barre class is a must and Elodie’s flow.) Then there’s the fact that it’s quite “Jimmy Ray” friendly, in fact it’s right up our boulevard.

We feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to do this sit, it’s been a really fabulous experience. Sharing a beautiful home with beautiful pets and making new friends with their owners. We will miss these little faces each day. We will definitely be back.

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