The diary of a pet sitter

The diary of a pet sitter

So as we come to the end of our first pet sit we reflect on how lucky we have been. Firstly little Lucy has been an absolute delight to sit for, so much so that we’ve become quite attached to her and her to us. It’s hard to say goodbye. Secondly, we’ve loved exploring an area of the Northern NSW coast that we’ve never been to before. It’s a stunning region with so much natural beauty and wildlife.


Happy pet sitters

With this being our first pet sit it’s been an education. At first it feels quite strange to meet someone for the first time and then for them to leave you in charge of their pet and their home.

We’ve really enjoyed this whole process. We have loved the house and what it has to offer. We’ve never viewed one of these newly built Australian homes before as being right for us. This has all changed after this house sit!


We have met lots of new people too. We find in the small towns it’s very easy to make friends in Australia. Daily yoga has been one of our rituals at the superb Studio Move with the excellent teachers Anna and Anne. Plus we met some friends of a friend, Marilyn and Rob, and explored the area and had some very nice dinners with them.


But that’s enough about us, it’s time to let Lucy tell her side of the story.

Here’s Lucy!

I cannot tell you what a fabulous time I have had with my two new pet sitters, these guys are the absolute best. They take me on walks at least twice a day, even in the rain. They have driven me along the coast to lots of places that I am sure I’ve never been to before, plus I’m getting lots of Scooby snacks. Can life get any better? I mean, you tell me.


My happy place is the beach, luckily I live only 5 minutes walk away, depending on how many sniffs I have along the way. Here I can run along the sand, dash into the waves and splash around in the rock pools and play chase the stick. It’s the absolute dogs bollards!

On hot days it’s a great place to cool down too with a nice dip in the ocean or rock pools.


Some days the weather has been a bit woof and so we haven’t been able to walk the beach, only look at it from the lookout above. These are not my favourite days and I feel a bit sad and like I have the weight of the world on my shoulders.


Each morning the guys take me for a walk and then they go for a coffee themselves, they’ve found this super cool new cafe called No Mans Land. The owners, Justin and Marnee are from Sydney, they moved up here a couple of months ago and opened their cafe here. I tell you, these guys are always chatting with new people! I’m more of a keep myself to myself kind of girl. I do enjoy photo bombing peoples photographs though.


The guys sometimes talk code to each other thinking that I don’t understand, they spell things out like “shall we take her for a W-A-L-K” because they know I get so excited at the word “walkies”. Often when we are out on a W-A-L-K people in the street say “Oh look, a cute puppy.” This really gets my goat, I know I’m small but I’m 9 1/4 for goodness sake.


I’m quite an intelligent little dog, I know all the important things in life like where my snacks are stored. Whenever I hear the pantry cupboard door open I make a dash for the kitchen, duck strips are my favourite.


The guys say I snore when I sleep, I don’t believe them. They also say I sigh a lot too, but what they don’t realise is that this is me just lying there thinking how great my life is with these two and how it couldn’t really get much better.


The older I get the more I am reminded that it is our daily habits that define the richness of our lives. I’m a simple girl and if I can give you one piece of advice it would be to sit back every now and then and put your life on paws. I’m going to miss these guys.


We’ve only just begun

As Karen Carpenter once sang, and we are at the early stages of a new chapter in our life.

Next stop it’s Gracie and Della, two cats further up the coast that we will be caring for for three weeks. It’s another area that we haven’t lived in before, however we did visit them earlier in the year when we applied for this pet sit, this time it’s in the countryside with rolling hills and macadamia and coffee farms.

We will miss little Lucy and the many walks we enjoyed with her along her local beach, but hopefully we will be asked back at a future date.

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And Ted makes 6

And Ted makes 6

Here's Lucy!

Here's Lucy!