The Turramurra Two

The Turramurra Two

Our latest pet sit is in Turramurra on the upper north shore of Sydney. It’s a very la-de-da kind of area with lots of very up market houses on large pieces of land. It’s like Mosman, on the lower north shore, but with breathing space.


There’s a small village in this leafy suburb with a cafes, restaurants, a pub etc. It's the kind of place that you could happily spend a lot of time around.

There is a train station close by that goes directly into the centre of Sydney with a trip that takes about 30 minutes and costs about $3 each way. Being at the top of Sydney it’s also quite easy to get out of the city and be on the Hawkesbury River or up in the Hunter Valley in no time.

The area skews older, as we discovered at the local yoga studio, where there’s no flow style yoga, lots of gentle yoga and calm yoga, the owner said she plays to the local demographic. The only downside to Turramurra is that there’s no beach, but the northern beaches of Sydney are about a 20 minute drive away, so not too far.

On this sit we are looking after two male dogs, Cooper, who is a five year old Boston Terrier and Winston a two year old Aussie bulldog.

Meet our latest pets


Hey y’all I’m Cooper, the Boston Terrier. I am described as affectionate and gentle, and I can confirm that I am. I have tuxedo like markings which has earned my breed the nick name of the American Gentleman. These dumb pet sitters thought I was a French bulldog, they even took to calling me “koo-pair” in their best Franglais accents! However, that has all now been sorted and I am back to plain old Cooper or Coops.


G’day mate, how ya going? I’m Winston the Aussie bulldog. I may look big and rough, like your average Aussie male, but I’m a gentle giant who likes to be stroked and massaged lots, like your average Aussie male. My breed is described as loyal, loving and intelligent and I’ve got to hand it to whoever wrote that, because, I have to agree, it’s true.

A dogs life

It’s good fun to be back with canines. Like most dogs, they can be quite demanding, they love lots of attention and like to play lots, but these guys are also very sweet. Winston is a big soft thing who loves being around people and he took to us from day one. Cooper on the other hand took a few days longer to accept us, but now he is very happy to sit with us and follow us around. He particularly liked “The Bodyguard” series on Netflix.

It’s a strange kind of feeling when you inherit someones pets for two weeks but it’s amazing how quickly they become accustomed to you and appear to completely forget their owners. They love the routine of eat, walk, sleep repeat, although sometimes it can all get a bit too boring, which some are not too shy to show.

One of the best parts of looking after dogs is being able to take them for walks and discovering the neighbourhood in which they live. However, when the dog takes you for a walk it’s not quite so enjoyable. To say that Winston would make a very good Husky would be an understatement, he could definitely pull along a sledge. He’s great a spotting a rabbit 100m ahead on the sidewalk and making a dash for it and taking you with him.


The meal routine with these two guys includes a very cute high five which they both do before being fed. It’s one of the few times in the day that they will sit and take commands as they know what comes after a high five!

Experience is the best education

Having never owned dogs before, the last three months has opened our eyes and hearts to these four legged creatures. It’s quite amazing how quickly you can become attached to them and them to you. All of the five dogs that we have looked after recently have given so much love to us and loved being around us. This is a really enjoyable education that is unfolding for us.


On top of that discovering new neighbourhoods and house styles has it’s benefits. Our next house will definitely have a double lock up garage! Oh and a butlers pantry and a Nutri-bullet!


Full steam ahead

We’ve now confirmed a further six sits that will take us all the way up to May 2019! We’ve had five star endorsements on our online profile and we are now being contacted directly by homeowners who want us to take care of their homes and pets.

We turned down three beach houses up the coast in NSW and in Queensland and a farm in the wine region of Mudgee as we are already booked for another sit or will be travelling ourselves. We may have only just begun, but our pet sitting adventures are really beginning to motor.

Time to say goodbye

And so it’s time to move on. We’ve decided to take a few days off to visit the Hunter Valley, as our next pet sit is in that region. Coming up we have chickens, dogs and 20 horses!

Ruling the roost

Ruling the roost

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And Ted makes 6